The Butner Athletic Park features baseball and softball fields with infields designed by Nolan Thomas. The two baseball fields are high school regulation with 300 foot fences and the softball field has a 200 foot fence. The baseball fields can be modified with temporary fencing and all three fields feature multiple base lengths and movable mounds to accommodate various age groups and skill levels. The baseball fields also have bullpens for pitcher warm up during games. There are 2 batting cages between Fields 1 and 2 for individual skill training.

The building located at the center of all four fields is the concessions building. It features a large overhang with space to socialize and enjoy the shade near the younger children’s play area. The other end of the building features a meeting room, available for use through the Parks and Recreation Department. Rest rooms are also located here, facing Field 3.

Meeting Room set up a
The meeting room provides space to seat up to 65 adults comfortably in seminar-type set up with tables and chairs. 11 tables are available for use: (2) 8ft. and (9) 6ft. tables. Padded folding chairs are available for use.
The Park also features two play areas for children ages 1-12. The smaller playground, for children aged 2-5, is located near the concessions area. It features slides and climbing equipment on rubber poured in place surface. The larger playground, located near the second entrance, is for children aged 6-12 and features multiple slides and climbing equipment.

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The Walking Trail is an inviting and safe way to walk. During games and tournaments, the trail is open to the public. The trail meanders along the outside of the fields as well as comes up to the concessions building. The outermost ring of the trail is .66 of a mile long.

Field Sizes and Base Lengths

  • Baseball Field #1 and #3: Outfield fence is 350 ft at center field; temporary fence can be place at 200 ft. Bases can be placed at 50 ft, 60 ft, 65 ft, 80 ft or 90 ft on Field #1 and at 60 ft and 90 ft on Field #3. Pitchers mound or softball pitching rubber can be moved for the age group using the field.
  • Field #2 (Softball): Outfield fence is 225 ft. at center field. Bases can be placed at 60 ft. or 90ft. Pitcher’s mound and rubber can be moved upon request.
  • Multipurpose Field (Soccer): Large enough to accommodate most any size soccer field. Goals are available in three sizes: 8’x24’, 6.5’x12’ and 4’x6’.